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10 questions with Michelle wall- wedding rule| Dallas boudoir photographer

1. Introduction: What's your story? Hey there, I'm Michelle. Thanks for stopping by to learn more about me and my boudoir sessions. My intent was never to shoot boudoir, but I fell in love with giving women an empowering experience and photographs that they will look back on 10-15-20 years later and say- Look at me! I am beautiful! All women are beautiful, and I love capturing the unique beauty of each client I work with. I would love to help you reclaim your sexy side and feel amazing!

2. What is your experience shooting boudoir? It was in 2019 that I fell in love with Boudoir Photography. Boudoir is so much more than just taking sexy photos of women. It’s an experience that women will cherish and gives them a newfound confidence. I love showing that world that all women are beautiful and worthy of having beautiful photos, not just models. I’ve met so many amazing women throughout this journey-from the woman who survived cancer, to the woman who just went through a nasty divorce, or the woman who just needed a confidence boost. I also photograph many women who just need a gift for their significant other. Everyone has their own reasons for doing boudoir, and I’m thankful to meet each and every one of my clients and to give them this experience.

Contact Michelle to book your own photoshoot: Contact | Stunning Boudoir Dallas

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